Engineering Services

Our skilled professionals help our clients in the design, manufacture and maintenance phase as well. We explore the possibilities of ideal and economic engineering solutions. We help to find the right material and to choose the manufacturing technology as well as to declare the required maintenance plans.

Shaft alignment

After shaft alignment the driving and driven shafts are aligned. Setting the axis lines is an important task for bearings and other machine parts to increase lifetime. Our experts use the world's leading manufacturer © Fixturlaser products. Old customers are provided instrument rental.


Customer needs are constantly changing, which can only be met by new products or developing existing equipment- and components. We provide design support for the development by Reverse Engineering method.


We have many years of experience in maintenance of industrial fans, wheelchair- lifting devices, electric motors and hydraulic pumps. Our goal is to prevent machines subject to heavy duty. Well equipped, trained service team is available on demand in 24 hours a day. Operating costs are reduced and a higher operational safety is provided by planned maintenance services.


We are successful in designing and manufacturing complex, individual low-volume parts. The following manufacturing processes are used:
CNC sheet metal working; 
CNC Laser cuting,
Metal casting,
Rapid Prototyping;
Surface treatment.